Welcome….About Me

cropped-picsart_1420812050613.jpgWhere do I begin…writing has ALWAYS been apart of my life. I started reading at an early age and just found comfort in getting lost in stories.As I got older I found it therapeutic to express myself through words so I began a private journal of my thoughts. Mainly to release frustration and unleash feelings that are sometimes best expressed written.I write how i feel and feel what I write.Some days are better than others,and my mood changes like the seasons.So, that’s how this blog came about. It’s a look inside my world through my eyes told from my heart.


One comment on “Welcome….About Me

  • I do not know how you ended up on my page but I am glad you did. I was looking at your intro video and I am all for supporting you. I haven’t gotten into your actual videos yet, but I would suggest if possible, include an age requirement block. Well off to see your videos.


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