Published February 21, 2015 by She’Kia

My head hurts
It’s been awhile since I had that work
I’m tired; my body has succumbed to weakness
There is tightness in my chest
And it’s hard for me to rest
High anxiety and heart racing
It’s happening again…..
My body is going through a withdrawal
I’m craving some of him to bring back it renewal
Muscles tensed, I need to be relaxed
Mind uneasy, perplexed
Wondering when I’m going to get my next fix
The mere thought makes me aggravated
I need a hit now
My body needs to be rejuvenated
It’s crazy and obscure
How badly I need to be cured
But, I don’t need any AA meetings
Or admittance to a rehab center
I rather my temple be explored like an adventure
Maybe then I wouldn’t be lightheaded
With my legs and numb and fared
Or catching me caught up in a daydream
Of you and I doing the extreme
I’m a victim of circumstance and blame my supplier
His goods should have been marked with a warning label
“Will cause excessive wetness with multiple orgasms of desire”
We all have our vices and issues
Forget advice and live your life
It’s up to you which poison you choose
True story no fiction
One time turned into an ADDICTION


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