Handsome But No Gentleman

Published April 8, 2015 by She’Kia

It wasn’t too hot, the sun was bright and the spring breeze was blowing kisses through my long curly hair. The weather was great and my attitude matched. I was in a good mood because i was finally able to take much needed time off work to get away for the weekend. I called up some friends loaded up the rental and hit the highway. I plan on doing absolutely nothing but eating, drinking and relaxing. We had actually just made a quick pit stop at a gas station to freshen up and grab some snacks when Torin popped open the trunk and brought out a bottle of 151. We got back on the road and before I knew it the whole car was passing the bottle around. Sipping and getting fucked up before we reached our destination, Dallas…..About an hour and a half later we had arrived to our hotel. We started collecting our belongings out the car and I noticed immediately that Torin was messed up. The one who brought the alcohol can’t handle the alcohol. So not only did we have to manage dragging our luggage to our room we also had to drag her. Not soon after check in and our work out of carrying Torin she vomited, luckily in the toilet. However This was totally not the way I wanted to start my get away. My other two friends were starving and wanted some food but I wasn’t hungry.i was hot and sweaty from dragging a drunk chick around a hotel. I instead needed a shower. They both decided to go get lunch and took Torin to see if they could sober her up. With them gone I hit that SPOTIFY on my phone and turned it to 90’s RB. I hopped in a shower that felt like it took a million years of stress off my shoulders. When I got out I put on a matching black panties and bra set. My music was still going so I started dancing in my underwear while figuring out what I was gonna wear. BBD POISION was on and I started jamming. Half way through my encore performance a knock on the door interrupted everything. I just assumed drunk ass Torin didn’t have her room key. So without hesitation or looking out the peep hole I opened the door. It wasn’t Torin. I froze for a brief moment. My mind was trying to catch up with what my eyes were seeing or maybe vice versa. He was well put together with a nice smile, clean cut and smelled like heaven even at the distance between us. After I absorbed all of him in I finally opened my mouth to say hello but he instead shhh me before the word escaped my mouth. He was handsome but no gentleman. He grabbed me around the waist with one hand and pushed opened the door with the other and walked inside. He closed the door then pulled me closer with both arms around me. He leaned down and kissed me gently pressing his lips against mine. Biting and teasing me with his tongue. Then his kisses grew stronger and more intense. As he explored my mouth his hands traveled my body. He didnt have to say anything. He let his hands do all the talking. Rubbing and caressing every part of me. I couldnt get him to shut up.He undressed me and instructed me to lay down on the bed.i did as I was told. As I lay there naked he stood at the foot of the bed and undressed for me. He grinned as he started with his Polo shirt exposing all his tattoos I’ll kiss all over later. Then his pants and boxers. He wasted no time climbing on the bed then climbing on top of me. He entered my body the way he started his kisses, slowly and inch by inch. Intently studying my facial expressions determining if I’m able to take all of him. I took him. Our bodies moved together rhythmically at a sensual steady pace. He ran one hand through my hair with the other placed firmly on my hip as he thrusted deep into my core. SPOTIFY had switched it up to a slow jam I LIKE by KUT KLOSE.
Caress my body
And hold me tight
Don’t let me go baby
Until I get enough…..
I smiled to myself listening to the music play. Mainly because he did feel great and I didn’t want him to let me go
I like the way you tease me
I like the way squeeze me
I like the way touch me
I like the way you sex me
he must have noticed how mesmerized I was by the song because I caught him smiling that perfect smile at me. He bit my lip then passionately tongue kissed me that lit my soul on fire. Then while looking deep in my eyes he ran his hands up and down my thighs slowly. It felt so good.his touch was warm but it made my body shiver. He put my legs up and placed his body weight on me so I couldn’t move buried his face in my neck and preceded to tear my pussy to pieces. I instantaneously moaned out loud. He invaded my body with long deep strokes. I wasn’t ready, the dick was too much to take. I didn’t want to tap out or stop so I tried to get him to ease up a little by gently pushing off on his thigh, but he smacked my hand away. Then I squirmed and tried to slide forward in the bed and actually got away. But he caught me and grabbed me by my throat. He looked me straight in my eyes and told me “take this dick and quit running”. The combination of the words, the choking and sexy tone of his voice immediately made me cum all over myself. He scooted back a few inches, grabbed me by my legs and drugged me back closer to him. Hovering over me he pressed his lips closely to my ear and whispered “I could fuck you all day”. I closed my eyes and melted at the mere thought.he got on his knees and took a handful of my hair to help guide me in turning me on my stomach then got behind me .while now pulling my curls he smashed me from the back.he let go of my hair only to hold on to my hips to fuck me harder.i held on to the pillows and welp out “please”. He grabbed my hair again but this time forced my face into the pillows and said “shh you can take it baby I know you can”……He was handsome but no gentleman. my next hour was spent receiving the beat it up pussy sex, and it was amazing.he was gentle and soft yet rough and hard.just as soon as our good times ended and we were dressed my friends had arrived back from lunch.they were shocked to see I wasn’t alone. Also shocked to see my hair and bed in disarray. They knew something had just went down. I never mentioned to them that I would be meeting someone for the first time in person that I met previously online while on our weekend getaway. Torin finally somewhat sober is the first to speak ” so introduce us.who is your friend? “Again, before I can even speak the handsome man who is no gentleman turns to me and speaks first ” we have to meet first. Hey I’m Thomas”. I smile and finally speak for the first time during this whole encounter “I’m Jada. Pleasure meeting you”


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