Raggedy Ponytail

Published April 8, 2015 by She’Kia

I threw on my oversized black sweat pants and black cami tank top. My hair was all over my head and since I was in a lazy mood I stuffed it all in a raggedy ponytail. It was supposed to be my off day, an off day from work kids life and all my every day stressors.but HE texted me while I was lounging away on the couch and said he wanted to see me.I at first smiled at the message as if I was almost giggling to myself in the inside. Then I replied “on my way”…..as I stood outside on the porch awaiting for him to answer the door anticipation was running through my blood.but why? This wasnt our first encounter.I had come over plenty of times before to hang out.Before I could ponder the questions any longer the door swung open and I was greeted with a perfect smile attached to a brown skin clean cut man.I concealed my blushing and stepped inside. I took off my coat and did a quick inventory of this man standing before me: tall average height, all blue alma mater Duke university hoodie with matching sweats hiding a muscular build underneath. Before my coat could even hit the couch i was somehow wrapped up in his arms.all I could do was bury my face in the depths of his neck and breath in all his sweetness.he moved his hands up and down my back caressing me with long strokes.his touch was warm and firm but still somewhat gentle.then abruptly just as quick as it had started it stopped.I was unwrapped from his web and he instead took me by my hand and lead the way to his bedroom. I without hesitation followed. As we entered the bedroom he started undressing quickly as if he couldn’t wait to enter my body. I reciprocated by starting with my shoes and sweats. I started to work on my shirt but he had already un hooked my bra with one hand through my shirt and took both off.he kneeled a little and begun licking away at my nipple, slightly nibbling away at my nipple piercings. I grabbed his head and guided him while moaning quietly in pleasure. He then instructed me to lay down on the bed, I did as I was told. He slid my lace boy shorts off of me and and buried his tongue in my goodness.I instantaneously moaned out loud.he licked and sucked as I grabbed my breasts to help me endure all the pleasures that was overcoming my body.then it happened.I couldn’t hold on any longer and i begun to convulse and shake as I climaxed and felt my juices rush out of me.but HE didn’t stop.the lip lashing carrried on and my groans got louder.I kept cumming and cumming as his tongue continued to explore my now sensitive swollen clit.I tried to tap out and slide away but he gripped me by my thighs and slide me back closer. I tried to escape once more but he wasnt having it.he somehow managed to lock me in position by pinning me down and laying his forearm firmly across my abdomen.HE didn’t like to be interrupted while eating.my moans grew into screams of desire. When i guess he thought my body could take no more he kindly released me from his grasps. However he didn’t allow me to catch my breath, instead he climbed on top of me and kissed me softly with his pussy moistened lips. Then he slid his dick inside of me inch by inch, teasing me slowly. When he was all in he begun to pound away at me.his sex game matched his personality: he was a boss and aggressive. He liked being in charge of me and dominating the pussy.And I loved every minute of it. His dick was long and he fucked me rough and hard with it. There wasn’t any running or getting loose he pinned me down against the mattress and made sure I knew every stroke was real. Half way through he stopped and laid down holding his dick. He said ” hurry up and suck it” I obeyed and slurped the shit out of it. I started with the tip then went all the way down and up in a circular motion, sucking and licking with my tongue ring at the same damn time. He grabbed my ponytail and guided my head back and fourth while moaning. I think men moaning are sexy ass hell.it just made me suck and lick faster and harder.he got louder and reached down and started playing with my tities. I already enjoyed giving head but giving head and having my tities rubbed on made me juicy ass hell. I started sucking harder and slightly humping the bed. He was feeling it.”good job you doing real good.keep sucking that dick”. I loved being praised for my good work.after a couple of more minutes of head he wanted more pussy. He told me to lay back down. He climbed on top and took what was left of me to give.He ended up Cumming and collapsed beside me.we both stared at the Ceiling for a few moments, catching our breaths. He turned to me first and stared me down too.didnt say a word.just gave a look of desire, a look of want.the type of want of something you long for and can have whenever you want but can’t keep.i watched him watching me then he caught himself and snapped out of it…..we got dressed then did our usual. We got lost in each others world’s chit chatting about nothing.just trying to make the moment last longer because neither one of us wanted me to leave and neither one of us would admit it. Finally my time drew to an end and it was time for me to go. He led me to the door and we did our final embrace goodbye untill next time.he wrapped his arms around my waist and squeezed me like there was no tomorrow. I reciprocated and held on for dear life. our entrapment seemed like it lasted forever. When It was over I collected myself and exited in silence without looking back…..when I arrived back at my home I went to my room and took a long hot shower. As the water ran down on my body vivid flashbacks of my recent encounter ran through my mind. I pretended my hands were his as I touched my self while washing away the soap from my breasts and tummy. It wasn’t no where near the same.i hopped out and dried off then quickly dressed in some house clothes. Something comfy: oversized tshirt, jogging pants and a raggedy ponytail.after getting dicked down and taking a shower it was time for a nap . especially while the kids were still at school. Just as I was nestled into bed ready to catch some zzz’s my bedroom door swung open. “Hey babe, I got off early I wasn’t feeling well”. It was my husband.


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