Girl Time

Published April 26, 2015 by She’Kia

It was cold dark and pouring down raining. It was only 5pm but I’d sworn it was after 8pm the way it looked outside. I was just finishing up my day at work and I couldn’t move fast enough to walk out the damn door. I grabbed my purse and umbrella then preceeded to the exit as soon as the clock read 5:30 pm. I was amongst all the other eager employees ready to go home all bidding their farewells to one another. I just smiled and kept moving forward till I finally made it to my sanctuary, my car.When I reached my destination I sighed the deepest I’ve ever in my life then released a million tears. The inside of my car became  just as dark wet and gloomy as outside. I was a sobbing hysterical mess. I was finally able to let out a whole day’s worth of pain that I had bottled up inside of me at work. It all started when I first arrived at my job. I got a phone call from the wedding venue coordinator, she had some last minute questions regarding my upcoming neptuials in 3 months. I didn’t have all the answers and I didn’t want to wake my fiancé up so I told her I would look through his emails find the information and get back with her. Big mistake. In doing so I found out he is still keeping in contact with a bitch who just keep on resurfacing. He promised me she was out of the picture but I guess she photo bombed her way back in because he has met up with her since our discussion. They’ve been out to eat, at restaurants and on each other. UNfuckingBelievable! When I was calm enough to form words to talk I called the one person I always run to when Noah gets caught cheating or makes me upset, Mrs.Bulk. She told me to calm down and come over right away…..
When I arrived my eyes were swollen and red from crying over a no good ass man. She immediately took me in her arms and her warm kind embrace already started to make me feel better.She pulled away then stepped back to take an inventory of me. I looked frazzled.She shook her head.”Allison your such a beautiful young lady. I understand my relationship with Noah but I really do think that you deserve better and should move on. I’m tired of seeing you so upset and worked up all the time like this.You know he is just going to keep hurting you?” Mrs.Bulk preached to me. I nodded cause it was true. She was right, that’s why I always came to her for advice.She knows both me and my fiancé and she just wants the best for me. “I’ll get you some tea to help warm you up and make you feel better” Mrs.Bulk smiled as she walked away in the kitchen. Mrs. Bulk was an older lady in her middle 40’s but she was very active and could easily pass for her middle 20’s. She was long legs, no wrinkles tiny waist with long hair she liked to wear loose. She was married to an attorney who worked long hours and wasn’t at home too much. Mrs.Bulk didn’t have many friends and wasn’t hurting for money so since she didn’t have to work she spent her days working out staying hot and enjoying my company. Mrs.Bulk was still heating up the tea kettle when I walked in the kitchen behind her. I placed my arms around her waist and nestled my lips gently on her neck. I begun to slowly caress the crevices of her neck and ear with my tongue as i rubbed on her breasts. She closed her eyes and purred. My hands traveled down to the inside of her sweats and she started moaning as i played with her downstairs. Then she turned around to face me and I took my hand out her pussy. She grabbed that same hand and we both licked her juices off my fingers to the last drop.She tasted good,she always tastes good.Mrs.Bulk took me by the waist to bring me closer and started undressing me while walking me back into the living room. Once undressed she laid me down on the couch and got on top of me. Her body was so smooth and soft it felt so good on top of mine. One night a few months ago Noah and I got into a fight and I came over to Mrs.Bulk house to vent over drinks. Mrs.Bulk came on to me and I’ve been smashing her off and on ever since. I know I’m wrong and I love Noah but Mrs. Bulk eats my pussy like it’s her last meal on deathrow. I think I’m addicted to her. She slid down my body and first nibbled at my thighs then went straight to my sweet spot.She licked and sucked causing my body to go into convulsions. I kept arching my back and rubbing on my nipples trying to hold on and not tap out and she knew it.I actually think that it turned her on and made her wanna be more turnt up on my pussy. She was wild and sexy. My body was in love with her but my heart was somewhere else….
When our sex romp was over we laid naked in each other arms for awhile. I was in no rush to head home to face Noah and I loved being up underneath Sloan or Mrs.Bulk. I was just bout to doze off to sleep when my phone started ringing. I looked over and it was my fiancé. Sloan saw the name on my caller ID and sighed. She looked at me and said ” I’ll take it for you”. She swiped to answer “Hello, no this isn’t Allison son this is mommy. Yeah she came over after work we just had a little girl time she is exhausted now. She just gonna spend the night. Talk to you later”.


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One comment on “Girl Time

  • Wow. This was very good. You painted a very vivid picture. Nicely done. I felt like I was in the room watching them.


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