I remember….

Published June 1, 2015 by She’Kia

I remember us laughing,playing in the mirror
while being silly, taking pictures
Never thinking twice about anything because there wasn’t anything to reconsider
I had the man a lot of hoes wanted, I thought I was a winner
I remember being treated like a woman
feeling loved and never disrespected
Always getting kissed and embraced in welcoming arms
My heart was always happy,never neglected
I guess I got caught up in the charm
I remember giving all myself to you and dressing up in all white
Settling down and becoming your wife
I remember that day like it was yesterday,everything felt so right
We were going to be together forever for life
I remember when my body used to crave for yours
when I couldn’t wait for you to leave work and put me on all fours
your touch was so sensual always making me want more
I also remember when you started breaking promises
you put money and material things before family
manhood got tested and you failed disastrously
I embarrassedly remember pleading for your attention to help re- ignite our emotions for each other
only to get turned down and watch you give it to another
I’ll never forget the day I discovered how painful words can be
how they cut deep like a knife to the core
I felt numb and overpowered, so weak I could’ve hit the floor
I remember threatening to leave if you didn’t get your shit together
and me being a fool staying blaming it on the “stormy weather”
But the sun never did come
and I was left under my broken umbrella all alone
Questioning my existence and what I’ve become
My soul was shattered
and the worst part was that my feelings to you didn’t matter
I remember finally waking up and not giving a fuck
ignoring you and pretending not to care anymore
I wanted to give in because my heart was tired and sore
But I was fed up being treated like a mat to a door
So I started doing you how you did me
and I’m me so I did it better and you didn’t like it
but the tables turned and I wasn’t ready to quit
I remember the first time I didn’t come home and woke up in someone else’s bed
Walking through the door lipstick smudged and hair all over my head
Lying about where I’ve been and who I was with
You giving me a look of disgust and calling me filth
Because you knew I was full of shit and telling a myth
Now you don’t remember all those times you hurt me and I cried
and I’m the wrong one not being a good bride?
Putting our sacred vows to the side
and making our worlds so divided
I remember wanting to stop to try and make everything right
But not caring enough to start living faithfully at night
I remember after all that you still wanting me
but now me unsure if I still wanted you
Having flashbacks of all the damage my heart had accrue
and reminiscing about the pleasure brought to it by someone new
and how for so long all you ever did was try and tear me down
while someone else keeps me smiling,never wants to see me frown
I remember a lot from my past
I grew along the way and learned not to move too fast
and to make myself my top priority
It’s my life and I’m in charge, Only I have the authority
to control my level of happiness and keeping my heart intact
the best advice to myself for now is to be alone, that’s a true fact
One thing I’ll always remember that helped me through it all
is that I’m amazing and during any obstacles in life I stand tall

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