That’s My Best Friend

Published June 3, 2015 by She’Kia

Jackie was my girl. We’ve been best friends since our families moved in next door to each other when we were little girls. We connected right from the very start even though we’re so opposite. I’m rough around the edges ready to pop off on a muthafucka for just looking at me the wrong way. Jackie was a sweet heart, she was very kind hearted and polite. We did everything and went every where together. I loved that girl! She has always been there for me during thick and thin whenever I needed her.
So when she came to me upset stating she was having marital issues and needed my help I didn’t hesitate to lend a hand. She was crying and upset,she told me she couldn’t satisfy her husband’s needs in the bedroom. My best friend told me she only trusted me to fuck her husband and that I was the perfect candidate to give him what he desired. I asked her “what made me the perfect candidate? “She replied “because your more aggressive than me”. I stared a blank stare at her for a moment then nodded. But thought to myself exactly what the fuck does that mean? More aggressive ? Before I could ponder it any longer she had her cell phone extended out with her husband on speaker phone. She was already setting up a meeting to discuss the details of our upcoming encounter. We were all three having lunch later that afternoon…
My heart was racing staring at my menu waiting for George to meet us at the restaurant. I didn’t even have an appetite. Everything was happening so quickly and it was crazy. I didn’t understand why we had to have a “sit down” about a potential threesome. I already knew how to fuck. And I was willing to lick on Jackie ‘ s pussy to please George if it was gonna save their marriage. That’s my best friend, and we experimented together before. So, it was no big deal to me. And, if Jackie wanted to establish rules for me she could have spoken to me one on one. I was confused. George finally arrived and I must say my best friend has good taste. Her husband was tall, chocolate, dimples, waves and some juicy ass lips. He had a nice huggable build to him with a nice smile to match. They embraced and kissed each other then sat across the table eyes glued on me. I felt myself sink into my seat. The whole meeting lasted bout an hour. I believe the first thirty minutes of it was me being in shock over the details of exactly what George wanted then me actually allowing myself to go through with it. Followed up with a ARE YOU FUCKING SERIOUS towards Jackie. But hey, to each their own….I’m down.
Our encounter took place a week later at Jackie and George’s house. I arrived wearing just a basic tee and fitted jeans with my gym shoes. My hair was pinned up. Jackie answered the door and she looked nervous ass hell. “Are you sure you still wanna do this?” I asked .She nodded her head yes. I told her ok and we walked to the bedroom. George was already waiting in his boxers with his sexy ass. He wasted no time, he walked over to me and kissed me slowly, I melted. Then he rubbed up and down my sides slowly while sliding his tongue in and out my mouth. The whole time Jackie was watching.i thought it would be akward but I was ok with her looking at us make out. Then he motioned for me to come close to the bed so we could lay down. He climbed in bed first then I followed and got on top of him. We continued kissing then he started undressing me starting with my shirt. When it was over my head with my bra un hooked he yelled over to Jackie to start recording. Jackie whipped out her phone and I became a movie star. George started sucking away at my nipples and I started gyrating my hips and body on him. I could feel the bulge of his dick with my body pressed against his. I could tell his shit was huge. Too bad I wouldn’t be able to feel it inside of me. He grabbed a fistful of my hair and leaned my ear close to his mouth and whispered “are you ready” ? I shook myself loose from his grasps then looked down at him in his face and said “bitch I’ve been ready”. A look of excitement lit up in his eyes. I got up off of him and finished getting myself undressed. Mentally preparing myself for my next actions. I’m glad I had some shots in the car on the drive up. Then I turned to George and told him “Get the fuck up”. He quickly hopped out of bed. I stood naked in front of him and started smirking. “Take your boxers off now…quickly” he obeyed. I walked over to Jackie and she handed me the strap on. She helped me put it on then I walked back over to George stroking my dick slowly licking my lips.”Lay down and bend over muthafucka” I ordered him sternly. He smiled uncontrollably with joy and did as he was told. I got on my knees behind him and lubed up my dick real good. Then I slowly inserted it into his ass. I won’t lie the muffled little moans he made as I was sliding my dick in kinda turned me on. When I was all the way in I grabbed that nigga by the hips and started fucking the shit out of him. I knew I was hitting it good cause he was loud and grabbing the sheets. I told him to arch his back and like a bitch he told me he couldn’t. Told me the dick was too much. I sighed hard. Then I grabbed him by the back of the neck and pushed his head in the pillow holding him down with one hand and with the other I used it to help me put all my weight on him and started pounding his ass hard. I could tell I was too much for him to handle. He tried to run but all he could do was grip the covers and take all of me. I guess I was the perfect candidate because I was aggressive ass hell! I was talking shit and pinning his big muscular ass down. Everything he desired and more I gave it to him.
Jackie eyes grew wide. I couldnt tell if she was in shock from me man handling her husband or her husband really enjoing all 10 inches of me. I was in shock that I was actually into it. And sad I really didn’t have a dick. I want a dick! It would have to be big like this one. If he was a chick I’ll be all up in her shit digging her out. Have her ass calling me daddy and being late to work over my dick. With some long ass hair so I can and tug and pull on it to put her ass back in position when she tries to escape from my dick. Have all her friends trying to low key fuck me cause she done ran her mouth about how good my dick is. I wanted to know how much George appreciated the dick.
“You like my dick”?
“Yes ”
“Say you like my dick”
“I like your dick”
I smiled.Then I made him lay flat on the bed. I started grinding real slow caressing that booty real good. He started moaning softer and wrapped his legs around mine as our bodies moved in a ocean wave like pattern with one another. He sounded so sexy and held on to my hands as we drifted with one another into paradise. I suddenly heard myself let out a wimper and closed my eyes as I felt myself about to cum. Never in my life had I not had REAL sex and cum. But I did and as I trickled down my thighs shit started to get real.”Jackie suck my dick” George called out. Jackie hurried over and joined in. George and I turned on our sides so that Jackie had full access to George’s package and started bobbing away. Now besides George’s bitch ass moans the room was dead silent except for Jackie ‘ s sloppy head slurping. It sounded hott.
Then George instructed Jackie to turn over and preceded to hit her from the side. Shit was unbelievable. This dude was fucking his wife while getting fucked in the ass. Ripley’s Believe It Or Not type shit.
This shit went on for about another 45 minutes til he finally busted a nut. And, Jackie video recorded the whole entire thing for George’s personal viewing pleasure later. George isn’t gay just one of many straight men who occasionally enjoy getting fucked in the ass with a strap on. And for some strange reason he also has a fetish for women being in control.Poor Jackie just didn’t have the balls or courage to do either herself.
I got dressed and met Jackie out in the living room. We hugged each other and she started tearing up. “Aww baby what’s wrong why you crying?”
“I just really appreciate what you did and being a good friend. I love you to pieces” she sobbed.
“Girl, I love you too! I’ll whip my dick out and fuck your husband whenever you want. That’s what best friends are for”!

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