I Love Myself

Published July 29, 2015 by She’Kia

I stood staring at her reflection for at least 5 minutes. She was beautiful and it was hard for me not to.She had just hopped out the shower and was still fairly wet. As if I was coming out of a trance I quickly snapped out of it as she begun to dry herself off. She started from the bottom with her feet and ankles then rose higher climbing up her belly button and breasts. She purposely dried off slowly,allowing the plush towel to tease gently against her evenly toned skin. The softness felt good as it brushed past her clit and slightly grazed those nipples that I’d be all over later. I felt myself shiver from excitement. When her tall slender frame was no longer wet she wrapped the towel around herself and walked out the damp bathroom into the bedroom. Then sprawled across the queen size bed on her flat tummy and closed her eyes. She laid there for a moment,then turned on her back to unwrap herself to me. I begun rubbing and playing with her nipples as she opened her legs and dry humped the air. Then I moved one hand down slowly to her pussy. As she continued to hump away I slid one finger in at a time and let my fingers fuck her slowly. She moaned quietly and arched her back for me to go deeper. Then she rolled over to her side dresser drawer and pulled out her pink little helper. She quickly got on her knees and stuck her dildo inside her and rode it on full vibrate. She rocked back and fourth gripping her breasts rubbing her hands up and down her torso from pleasure. Her moans grew loud and her thighs got moist. When she couldn’t take anymore her legs grew weak and her body collapsed on the bed. She laid there trying to catch her breath and turn off her friend before cleaning herself up. No one could ever please her the way I do. Thats why she always invites me to her body frequently, sometimes two three times a week. After a long day at work or lonely cold nights I’m there to make her feel good. I make her cum, I make her enjoy herself, I give her an experience like no other. I should know because…….. I am her, and I love touching and fucking myself.


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