Published August 13, 2015 by She’Kia

You give your number out just to give a dude a chance
But by the end of the day that nigga thinking he your man
Twelve missed calls? And essay long texts??
We ain’t even fuck yet but this shit is getting heckted
He don’t wanna take me out,just wanna get me alone
Thats why his lame ass blowing up my phone
These niggas so dumb that’s why I keep my pretty self at home
I got this other one all up in my inbox.
Trying to hook up, his ass need to kick rocks
His broke ass willing to spend his check to eat the bottom of my pussy out
But He don’t know I know his baby momma so I know what he about
Got 6 kids by three different women
And don’t ever go check up on them
Niggas never go see about thier offspring
But be steady calling me trying to make me his next fling
Out here flossing like he got money
Like he balling from here to Beijing
But he ain’t got shit,so to me this shit is real funny
More boys need to be a man and put thier kids first
Instead they chasing after pussy, I swear these niggas are the worst
And I hate those lames who be asking me a million questions
We just met but wanna know who I’m fucking like the pussy thier possession
I do what I want, tell you what you need ,this ain’t up for no discussion
Sometimes I’m just too damn real
And this soft ass niggas can’t deal
With a chick who speaks her mind, who ain’t got no fucking chill
swear these dudes be so thirsty I need to walk around with water
You can tell them that your taken but why even bother
These muthafuckas still gon try and Holler
But they be the main people posting about how they need to find a good woman
Once they find a good bitch
They always treat her like shit
Treat her like she ain’t human
Then turn around and get mad
When you start giving away the ass
To another who knows her worth
You should’ve gave your all to make it work
Now she out here making moves without you
While your out looking like a fool
I guess that’s the way it goes
When you live your life putting family after hoes
The grass ain’t always greener
And now your pockets looking leaner
It ain’t no myth it’s really cheaper just to keep her
So I’m gonna sip my tea because these niggas don’t listen
They think i really want them, think I’m playing hard to get
They don’t know I have no heart I’ll fuck thier feelings before them and that’s a sure bet
I’m not being evil I’m just me and I speak it how I live it
And I aint throwing shade but if the shoe fit…


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