Me and My Man

Published October 29, 2015 by She’Kia

I never have time for me!! Between the two jobs and running after kids every day there isn’t any extra hours left to do anything except sleep. I used to have a social life, I used to be exciting. Now I’m just a worn out single lonely woman who spends her Friday nights filling up sippy cups and watching Nick Jr. But from time to time I will log on to social media to past my time and check on my baby.
One day while scrolling on Instagram laughing at memes my sexy man appeared on my screen. MY MAN is tall, athletic build, and handsome. Almost all his posts are of him smiling a perfect smile, shirtless, and/or dressed in buisness attire for work. And, of course he has over 7,000 followers, almost all of which are women.Thirsty perverted women always double tapping on every pic he post and leaving comments. “Ooh you are so fine” “Good morning boo” “Do you have a girl or nah?” Yes bitch he does. Its aggrevating but at the end of the day I know what it is with us so I don’t let those hoes get to me.
Besides, he can’t help he so damn fine.
I actually think it’s a compliment
when chicks drool all over my man. Let’s me know I got something they want and will never have.
Plus he was stunning and obviously liked to take pictures. He took pictures of everything he did and had over 1,000 posts of pics and videos. His daily posts were the blueprint of his day.From the time he woke up til he closed his eyes at night I knew his every move. Like today I logged on and saw he had already started early.
He woke up and posted a smiling picture of him stretched out in bed with the caption “good morning”. About an hour later there was another of him dressed in a tshirt and jogging pants sitting in his car. This one was a video of him lip syncing to some song dancing and acting silly. He had a sexy voice. It was deep, smooth and made my body tremble when he spoke. I wondered where he was on his way to. Most likely he was on his way to come see me. Because i had just called and said “baby I want you” and that the thought of being deep inside of me is what caused him to be in such a happy singing mood. And that once he did get to me he couldn’t control himself. That sweet man in those pictures wasn’t going to be sweet nor gentle. Instead, he was rough with me and took advantage of my body. I closed my eyes as in my head my legs grew apart as he entered me quickly with anticipation. I grabbed on tight to him allowing my moans to do the begging,pleading for more of him. I wanted all of him. He listened to my body’s cries for pleasure and comforted them with slow hard strokes in and out of me. He pumped away as I held on enjoying the ride. He grasped me by my waist and dug himself deep inside. I tried to escape from the dick but he caught me by my throat and stared into my eyes “don’t run, cum all over this dick”. The mixture of his tone and words made my body obey and I instantly felt the covers benath me become soak and wet. Then I got hit in the head with an animal cracker thrown by my toddler. What???I immediately snapped out of my trance and wiped away crumbs. It happened again. I lost myself while day dreaming about my man. When i setteled down my kid I hopped back on Instagram. Now he was at some little bistro having lunch. He had snapped a pic of his entree’ with the caption “eating solo”.He was probably upset waiting on me! I gotta get dressed and meet him. I dont like it when he gets mad at me. I no lie ran to my bedroom let my hair down and threw on something quick when my daughter started tugging on my pants leg “mommy” she whined. Then it dawned on me…I was crazy ass fuck.My baby wasnt waiting on me . I wasnt going to feel how warm and firm is touch was. Yeah everything about him turned me on. And, I enjoyed the idea of me being wrapped up in his arms. Waking up to him every morning and rolling over in the middle of the night to snuggle. From his Posts I could tell he was a family man. There were alot of family outings he attended. I would be the perfect woman to bring home to his mom. I would be the perfect woman for him…….We just gotta meet first.


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