Published December 3, 2015 by She’Kia

People often ask me if any of my stories and poems are from real life experiences. I won’t lie all the poems I’ve posted are real life emotions written from my heart. However, the stories are all from my creative imagination, except one ☺. One story actually did happen to me in real life ( I’ll never reveal which one). With that being said the new story you are about to read is also real life. I don’t know the individuals personally but thier situation is unusual so I had to write about it. I’m unique because all my stories always have a twist at the end. So of course I changed some things around and made the ending my own. I hope you enjoy!

I rolled over into a nest of dark brown coils all up in my face. I paused for a moment, breathing in the rich fragrant aftermath of her shampoo from last night before getting up. I wanted to wake my beautiful wife with soft kisses down her spine but I decided to let her rest instead and start breakfast. As I exited our bedroom and started for the stairs I surveyed my physique in the hallway’s full length mirror. For my 30’s I was a pretty good looking man. I wasn’t the tallest I only stood 5″10 but compared to my wife’s small 5’4 frame I was considered a giant. I could use a gym membership but with my busy landscaping buisness I owned fitting in hitting the weights was a task. Plus, I had a nice muscular build to me that turned a few heads from time to time. Most importantly I kept a fresh cut with dimples. Bitches love dimples.

The aroma of sausage, eggs pancakes and freshly brewed coffee must’ve awoken Paula out of her sleep. She wasted no time heading to the kitchen to wait for her plate. We ate and spoke briefly like every other morning as usual. Then we parted our ways within the house to get dressed for work. We always seemed to meet at the front door at the same time to say our “good byes” and “have a good day”. I would leave for an assignment and she would leave to go into the office. I made enough money for the two of us but she insisted on working part time.When we returned home in the evening it was pretty much the same routine at dinner and then off to bed. Sex was hit or miss,more so a miss. It was like our almost 10 year marriage was in trouble. We needed help. I wondered if she felt the same way. I didn’t want another day to go on like this I loved my wife. I didn’t wanna loose her.

Out of the blue one morning during our routine breakfast Paula made it clear that she felt the same as me. “Charles something doesn’t seem right between us” she stammered out. My eyes light up as I leaned in closer waiting for more,nodding in agreement. “I’m going to be honest with you, I’ve been getting closer with someone at work who I’ve developed feelings for…I think. It’s a woman. I think I want to be with her sexually. I want the three of us to be together. How do you feel about that? “She got all that out slowly and shamefully never once looking me in the eye. My wife, the love of my life wanted to bring another woman into our bedroom. Any man would jump for joy at the thought but I was hurt. Someone else was getting all her time and attention. And for how long??? I also never knew my wife had interest in other woman. A million questions swirled around in my head. She could tell I was uneasy about the whole situation, my facial expressions must’ve said it all. We decided to all three have dinner and go from there.

A few nights later we were gathered at our house Sipping wine enjoying steaks,prepared by me of course. I always did do all the cooking and the majority of the housework too. I wore the pants in the house and the apron. Paula barely had to lift a finger and/or work. I treated her like a queen and gave her whatever she desired. She was spoiled rotten. She deserved it.
I excused myself to go use the restroom and returned to Paula and her guest giggling all over each other like little school girls. Whatever it was it couldn’t have been that funny. This continued all night and gradually lead into more and more flirtatious touching amongst the two of them as the night grew on. It was as if I wasn’t even in the same room. I was invisible. But I must admit the guest wasn’t bad looking at all. She had nothing on my wife of course but she had a nice shape to her and pretty almond shaped eyes. Randomly the guest who by the way name was Michelle drunkenly looked over to me and asked “can I kiss your wife”? Without me giving my blessing she leaned in with her tongue and lip smacked away with my wife. I was shocked by how eager and calm Paula was allowing another woman to kiss her. Made me wonder if perhaps this wasn’t their first encounter with one another. If really behind my back the two of them had been hooking up for months.

Michelle instructed Paula to remove her dress and she obeyed. Michelle finished undressing Paula out of her bra and panties while admiring every inch of her body. Paula was short and petite with long flowing shoulder length hair. She had a beautiful smile with nice DD size tities that were more than a mouthful. Paula laid down on the living room couch and the lip smacking tour traveled all the way down to Paula’s other lips. Legs spread wide open,Michelle licked and sucked on my wife’s pussy as my wife ran her fingers through Michelle ‘ s hair. Paula started rubbing and grabbing on her own tities. Her moans grew louder and she kept trying to close her legs but Michelle kept them forced open and continued the tour. My wife was about to cum. Her legs gave out and they began to shake. The room got filled with screams of pleasure at high volume that slowly turned back down. The lip smacking tour had finally closed it’s gates and was over. Paula took a moment to catch her breath,somehow between heavy sighs she was able to say “Charles I wanna suck your dick”.
I stared a blank stare for a moment,shocked by the impromptu show I just witnessed.I shook myself out of my trance and preceeded to my wife. I stood in front of her as she sat up on the couch and started to un buckle my belt. She slid down my slacks with my boxers joining them then whipped out my dick. She wasted no time sliding me down her throat. I grabbed her by the head and helped guide her back and fourth slowly on the dick. I closed my eyes and rocked in unison to her strokes. She gripped on to my thighs hard as I unexpectedly felt another pair of hands gliding down my back. These hands continued down to my ass then before I knew it those hands opened up my shit wide open. I felt something wet and thick nibbling at my asshole. It was Michelle. She started the lip smacking tour back up. The shit was unnatural and not manly at all. But it felt so good and it was different. I felt ashamed for not stopping her but also euphoric. I had my wife sucking my dick and her new girlfriend eating my ass . It was a lovely combination. The loveliness lasted another 5 minutes or so until I’ve had enough and was ready for some pussy. I literally shook off both women and grabbed Michelle by the waist and plunged into her deeply. I was eager to know how she felt and to see if she could fuck the way she sucked. Yasssss!!! The pussy was grade A just like the tongue . It was so wet I got lost at sea. I didn’t wanna be neglectful of my wife so I switched up and fucked Paula for a little bit then went right back in Michelle. Shit was wild. I’ve never fucked two women at the same time before. The sexcapade lasted about another half an hour til I came and we all three fell asleep together.

The next morning Michelle got dressed never looking my way. However she hugged and kissed Paula good bye passionately before leaving out.
At breakfast my wife was smiling ear to ear. She was very talkative as we ate and even sat closer to me,sometimes caressing my legs under the table with her foot. It was as if we bonded and became closer last night. Maybe this was the spark we needed to reignite our marriage. I felt like I had my wife back. I didn’t want this feeling to end. We continued to “date ” Michelle. The whole premise was absurd but Paula was happy so I was happy. This situationship lasted about two months til a heavy bomb fell on me.

I came home one day from work and found Paula crying hysterically at the kitchen table. I immediately came to her aid and asked “what’s wrong”? Through sobbing and sniffing snot she announced she was pregnant. Michelle was also pregnant. My eyes grew wide in disbelief. WTF? Was she serious?
I asked her was she sure. She showed me a pregnancy test she took earlier that day and confirmed it all. Wow! Instead of questioning her any further I instead wrapped my arms around her to console her. I tried to act excited but I was fuming in the inside. When my wife had finally calmed down I took her upstairs so she could lie down and relax. She must’ve really exhausted herself from crying cause she fell asleep quickly. As she slept I watched her sleep and a million thoughts popped in my head. Main one was “where did we go wrong”? My wife and her new lover were both knocked up? I needed to get away and clear my head. I grabbed my keys and took off in my car. I just wanted to be alone and think about my next move.
I never went back home that night. I stayed out and away til the next afternoon.

When I returned home I was greeted in my living room by both Paula and Michelle. When Paula saw me come in she rose to her feet and gave me a stern look. “Where the hell were you, I was worried sick” she asked me.She went on and on. I ignored her barrage of questions and asked a question of my own, “why the fuck is she here”? They both looked at me astonished.Paula was now beyond furious. “Muthafucka she came here to be with me since your ass up and left. Is this how you act? You just run off when your wife tells you she is having a baby? I needed you here with me last night” she wimpered. I loved my wife to death and I hated to see her cry. Any other time I would’ve did whatever I could to make her happy or at least laugh. But not today, fuck that bitch.
“I drove more than 6 hours away to my mom’s house and spent the night there” I finally got out.
“Your mom’s house? Paula looked confused. ” I thought you told me your mom passed away when you were in high school”?
“No, my mom has always been alive. Every year on her birthday and holidays I send her a card telling her I’m sorry and that I love her. ”
“I don’t get it. Why the fuck would you lie to me about your mom being dead? You told me you had no family. I was your only family. And what made you all of a sudden wanna go see her last night”? Paula tested me.
“I lied because she disowned me years ago before we met and wanted nothing to do with me. No one in my family did. So I moved away and started a new life here” I took a deep breath and continued on. “I went to my mom’s house to find this” I held up an old dusty photo album.
“You see even though my family wanted nothing to do with me they still loved me. They just couldn’t come to grips with what happened so they kept little keepsakes and old pictures. ”
Paula and Michelle were nervous. They kept looking back and fourth at each other. Anticipating on what was coming next. Finally Paula came out and said it ” Keepsakes of what? Charles what are you trying to say”?
“My name isn’t Charles. My birth name is Charlene. I was born a woman and had a sex change a few years before we met. My family threw me out because I was gay and never wanted to see me again. My mom kept an album of pictures of me before I transitioned. She was heartbroken when she lost her only girl.” I finally spoke words of truth.
Paula collapsed to her knees and began to rock back and forth. I threw the album at her and a million memories scattered the floor. She sobbed as she scanned all the pictures. Pictures of a cute little girl with pig tails all dressed up in ribbons and ruffles. Pictures of a little ballerina. Pictures of a princess going trick R treating. Pictures of a half smiling young lady being forced to dress as a girl to prom. All of the little girls were petite , with curls and dimples,they all resembled Charles. Paula now knew the truth. The pictures told no lies.
“I don’t feel bad for my lies. That was my past I let go a long time ago. I thought I had found someone who truly cared about me but I was wrong” I started to tear up.
Paula started “I’m sorry …”
I stopped her. She knew that I also now knew her truth. No way her and Michelle were both pregnant by me. I was biologically a woman!
She finally confessed that she also had been having threesomes with Michelle’s boyfriend. He was a loser with no job so they tried to pin the babies on me. I was devastated but also accustomed to heartache. It was time to come to the realization that our love,trust and marriage was over. We were both liars and betrayed each other deeply.


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