Published February 19, 2016 by She’Kia

RANT: More and more (especially on Facebook) I’m seeing “women” talk about how they’re hustlas and entrepreneurs because they sell pussy and/or have sugar daddies. That’s cool and that’s your business. I never judge what anyone has to do for money to eat and survive. However, don’t bash and talk shit about real women who work 9-5’s everyday who out here hustling too. And, these are people who could work but choose to live this life.How the hell are women who get a paycheck dumb? How are you your own boss sucking dick for money? It’s not about morals and values and blah blah blah. It’s about being in charge and doing what you wanna do. You can seriously say you wanna fuck old ass men for money? And that other women who don’t are morons? Are you serious? It sounds so humorous when you say that shit out loud.At the of the day I only get one body, one pussy, and one mouth. I want to control what goes into all three at all times. When you out here with these sugar daddies and selling pussy you don’t have no control or no say over what’s going down. You ain’t no boss your a fucking idiot, literally. You smashing one dude for a couple dollars just to use that money to get on fleek to look good for the next dude. The only time I ever want a man to have input on when I’m fucking is when I’m with my man. My man can tell me when to throw that ass back and eat that dick up anytime. Other than that hell no. I don’t ever want to be told or forced to have sex.I like doing shit when I want and how I want. If I can walk into Burger King and get a whopper made the way I want I should have the right to fuck whoever I want when I want. When you fucking for money you giving up all rights. You fucking cause you ain’t got a choice. Why would you not want to have a choice in who invades your pussy? Bitches are picky ass hell on who does their hair and will think twice about eating just anyone’s potato salad at a family barbecue. But they will fuck the shit out of a random ass nigga for a little bit of money instead of going out getting a job. Because leave it to what I’ve heard “working for someone else isn’t practical and doesn’t get you anywhere”. But, I guess smashing old men out of their social security checks after what’s leftover from buying Viagra is practical. I also hate when they say “you do it for free. At least I get paid”. *face palms* In reality I could never put a price tag on me giving my body away. My body is fucking priceless. PRICELESS! And, when I lay my head down at night I like to know that I was the ruler of my day. I was in control and did what the fuck I wanted. I work two jobs and attend school so I can switch careers and live #thalife. I’m hard working and I like to think I’m always hustling to provide for my kids who never want for nothing. If that makes me dumb then so be it. When I’m an old lady living off my retirement and pension what the fuck will you be living off of? Is there a 401k for deep throating? How you gonna suck dick on your arthritic knees? Whose gonna want your loose dried up pussy? Start living for the NEEDS of your future and not the WANTS of today. Stop thinking your a BOSS when you really just STUPID.



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