Published August 27, 2016 by She’Kia

Trying to treat a BADD BITCH like she basic?
I’ll pull your card and leave your heart looking all anorexic
With me you niggas can’t talk that talk walking around trying to flex
I’m already ahead of you, Don’t make me get reckless!
I’m the shit, I’m a queen stomping the pavement all majestic
Boy, you ain’t bout to work my nerve, messing up my lip gloss making shit more hectic
So, I’m gonna keep it poetic
But let you know you just lost out and that’s why you looking all pathetic
Now your a has been nigga post watching me with my new fly hot ass nigga
He ain’t no lame ass nigga, he the brand new you looking nigga, you just bitter
And now your quick to yell out that I ain’t shit
That you were only in it just to get it
But that was only in the beginning
Cause you got commited once you hit it
And I had you on your hands and knees begging me can you eat it
You want me to be your woman
That’s why you putting in time and you cooking
But when I ask you start fronting
Then get mad when I start looking
Pretend like you ain’t hurt, like it ain’t nothing
When in fact it’s really something
Your putting up a wall, I know your bluffing
I can sense it through your angry texts, it’s me your really wanting
Before you close your eyes at night you probably wonder who I’m loving
Who getting all of me, who dick I’m sucking
But that’s your own fault , shouldn’t have been stressing
Should’ve valued that you had me, thankful for your blessings
Always giving out advice, but caught up in your own misfortunate life lesson
Keep yourself humble, never over think it’s not complicated
Never treat a BADD BITCH like she basic


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