Me All By Myself 

Published October 23, 2016 by She’Kia

Everyone got a story to tell
A passageway into their soul
Where all their emotions are held
My cup runneth over and all my inhibitions have spilled
I fear the thought of my dreams being unfulfilled
Cause sometimes I’m backed up against the wall
And it feels like all my progress has come to a stall
Like a dark cloud hovering over me and I just lost it all
The warmth of sunshine is far away
So in the shadows of despair is where I must stay
I get so deep down I don’t think God can even hear me when I pray
I’m lost there is no comfort
All I know is sorrow and anguish
I’m always talking shit, muthafuckers think I have my own language
That’s why people always tip toe around me trying not to make me upset or get anxious
When I’m pissed I get turnt
Start acting wild and rambunctious
In my head my screws are all loose
That’s why I act up and malfunction
What more would you expect?
I’m a product of a no good dad and a mom who ain’t want me
So of course there’s a little dysfunction
Some days my judgement is hazy
cause I deal with bullshit on the daily
And all these niggas be on me I swear these niggas annoy me
I guess the crazy bitches be tasty
Cause I get slurped up like biscuits and gravy.                                                                     But I don’t pay them no mind.                     I just stick to my grind.                                   Stay to myself and stay focus                         Me by myself with just I, is lethal dose when all combined


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